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The Proceedings of the Advanced Architectures in Photonics




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Tomas Wagner


Innovative nanoimprint lithography
S. Matsui, H. Hiroshima, Y. Hirai and M. Nakagawa

Nanofabrication by imprint lithography and its application to photonic devices
Y. Sugimoto, B. Choi, M. Iwanaga, N. Ikeda, H. T. Miyazaki and K. Sakoda

Soft-mould imprinting of chalcogenide glasses
T. Kohoutek, J. Orava and H. Fudouzi

Electric nanoimprint to oxide glass containing alkali metal ions
T. Misawa, N. Ikutame, H. Kaiju and J. Nishii

Producing coloured materials with amorphous arrays of black and white colloidal particles
Y. Takeoka, S. Yoshioka, A. Takano, S. Arai, N. Khanin, H. Nishihara, M. Teshima, Y. Ohtsuka and T. Seki

Stimuli-responsive colloidal crystal films
C. G. Schafer, S. Heidt, D. Scheid and M. Gallei

Opal photonic crystal films as smart materials for sensing applications
H. Fudouzi and T. Sawada

Introduction of new laboratory device 4SPINĀ® for nanotechnologies
M. Pokorny, J. Rebicek, J. Klemes and V. Velebny

Controlling the morphology of ZnO nanostructures grown by Au-catalyzed chemical vapor deposition and chemical bath deposition methods
K. Govatsi and S. N. Yannopoulos

Visible photon up-conversion in glassy (Ge25Ga5Sb5S65)100-xErx chalcogenides
L. Strizik, J. Zhang, T. Wagner, J. Oswald, C. Liu and J. Heo


POSTERS presented at the AAP 2014

Solution processing of As-S chalcogenide glasses
T. Kohoutek

Ga-Ge-Sb-S:Er3+ amorphous chalcogenides: Photoluminescence and photon up-conversion
L. Strizik, J. Oswald, T. Wagner, J. Zhang, B. M. Walsh and J. Heo

Multi-wavelength and multi-intensity illumination of the GeSbS virgin film
P. Knotek, M. Kincl and L. Tichy

Towards functional advanced materials based using filling or ordered anodic oxides supports and templates
J. M. Macak, T. Kohoutek, J. Kolar and T. Wagner

Introduction of new laboratory device 4SPINĀ® for nanotechnologies
M. Pokorny, J. Rebicek, J. Klemes and V. Velebny

Profile and material characterization of sine-like surface relief Ni gratings by spectroscopic ellipsometry
J. Mistrik, R. Antos, M. Karlovec, K. Palka, Mir. Vlcek and Mil. Vlcek

Preparation of sparse periodic plasmonic arrays by multiple-beam interference lithography
M. Vala and J. Homola

High-performance biosensing on random arrays of gold nanoparticles
B. Spackova, H. Sipova, N. S. Lynn, P. Lebruskova, M. Vala, J. Slaby and J. Homola



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