AAP 2018


Invited Speakers

Prof. Sir Colin Humphreys

Queen Mary University of London, UK

Next-generation large-area transfer-free graphene for transparent conducting contacts on solar cells and LEDs


Dr. Hsin-Lian Liang

University of Cambridge, UK

Roll-to-roll fabrication of cellulosic photonic pressure mats


Prof. Dan Hewak

ORC, University of Southampton, UK

Chalcogenide Materials: Novel Compositions and New Applications


John Jarman

University of Cambridge, UK

Improving efficiency of InGaN light-emitting diodes using nanoporous GaN


Prof. Cefe Lopez

Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid, Spain

Colloidal Architectures with Different Materials and Different Shapes


Dr. Dave Rogers

Nanovation, France

Emergent Property Sets & Photonics Applications of β-Ga2O3


Prof. Yasutake Ohishi

Toyota Technological Institute, Japan

Coherent Lightwave Gerenation using Chalcogenide Optical Fibers


Dr. Laurent Coolen

Institut des NanoSciences de Paris, France

Imprinted Polymer Inverse Opals for the Detection of Nanoparticles


Dr. Stavros Pissadakis

Institute for Electronic Structure and Laser, IESL-FORTH, Crete, Greece

WGM resonators in microstructured optical fibers


Prof. Johann Troles

University of Rennes1, France

Fabrication of Chalcogenide Microstructured Optical Fibers for the 2-10 µm Mid-IR Window


Dr. Hiroshi Fudouzi

National Institute for Materials Science, Japan

Opal photonic crystal films with imaging strain for a simple inspection of infrastructure


Dr. Bettina Frank

University of Stuttgart, Germany

Surface Plasmonics on Single Crystalline Gold Platelets


Prof. Frederic Smektala

University of Bourgogne, France

Nonlinear Optical Properties of Heavy Oxides Infrared Hybrid Fibers


Dr. Argyro Klini

Institute for Electronic Structure and Laser, IESL-FORTH, Crete, Greece

Nanostructured Oxide Materials as Optical Sensor Platforms


Dr. Mark A. Hughes

University of Salford, UK

Erbium implanted silicon for solid-state quantum technologies


Dr. Ian Povey

Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork, Ireland

Atomic layer deposition of charge transport layers for photovoltaic applications